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Mortgage Protection Plan

About Mortgage Protection

Are you about to own your own home and put in place a legacy that secures a firm footing for your family in perpetuity?

Do not hesitate to secure the mortgage with our mortgage protection plan; it ensures that payment for your property is catered for if death occurs and affects your ability to finance the mortgate. It shields your loved ones and gives them peace of mind even if you are no longer in the picture.

Why this plan?

  • You get your full sum assured or your assured sum is payable on death reducing your outstanding loan.
  • No survival benefit is paid under this plan

Government advantage:

  • Helps to repay all loans outstanding at the point of death of the mortgagor.
  • Helps in the realization of government goals and objectives as it relates to home ownership.

 Individual advantage:

  • It boost your chances of securing the mortgage facility.
  • You have the assurance that your dependants will have nothing to worry about should death occur.

Family members advantage

  • It alleviates the sufferings associated with properties being taken over due to the failure to finance mortgage arising from the demise of the mortgagor.

Frequency of payment:

  • Annually
  • Single

Would you like to purchase this plan?

Speak to an AIICO Staff or Agent today. You may also reach us via email on aiicontact@aiicoplc.com.





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