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About Criticare?

You never have to worry about medical bills for critical illnesses anymore.

AIICO’s Criticare is a health insurance plan, designed to provide financial cover against critical illnesses. It helps you to make substantial provision to manage the costs for care and treatments, giving you wholesome peace of mind.

Criticare covers 5 major critical illnesses and health interventions:Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure and Major Organ Transplant

Why Criticare?

  • Criticare provides a cover to individuals against the risk of contracting a critical illness over the term of the policy. Anyone can be diagnosed with a critical illness at any time, and surviving these illnesses are very possible with the advances in medicine today.
  • It provides additional coverage for the covered illnesses above provisions under health insurance because these emergencies or illnesses often incur greater than average medical costs. It provides access to care at specialist hospitals, taking over from where your health insurance stops.
  • It provides financial relief on individual’s hard-earned savings in trying times. It ensures that individuals can survive a critical illness without depleting financial resources.
  • It ensures that individuals maintain healthy lifestyles through the free health and wellness checks during the policy term, and the close call benefits. Additional benefits include cover for lifestyle changes that are necessitated in the event of a critical illness e.g., physical therapy, home improvements, and lots more, subject to the sum assured limit.


Get covered for up to N70million

  • Premium Payment Options are One-off, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually
  • Premium refundable within 1st 30 days of sign up for cancellation

How it works

Let’s take a closer look at this product and introduce you to Crystal. She is aged 35, married with 2 children and has just bought an AIICO Basic Criticare policy with an assured sum of N25,000,000. The preferred policy term is 25 years and she pays a premium of N18,246.52 monthly.

There is a 1 year wait period before the policy starts. In the 4th year, during a medical check, she finds a lump in her breast and collects a N1,938,240 close call benefit from AIICO. She gets a medical checkup every three years and this continues till the 14th year when Crystal gets involved in an accident that leaves her permanently disabled. Immediately, her waiver of premium benefit kicks in and the policy remains in force.

At age 54, after 19 years of being an AIICO policyholder, she suffers a stroke. AIICO pays Crystal N23,061,760 because the policy sum assured limit is N25,000,000. Her policy cover with AIICO is ended.

How AIICO Criticare helped Crystal:

AIICO  Crystal
4 Health checks: N150,000 x 4 N600,000
Premium waived for 5 years: N18,247.52 x 60 months N1,094,851.12
Total premium Crystal paid: N18,247.52 x 168 months N3,065,583.13
Gain to Crystal N23,629,267.99

Total premium paid by Crystal: N3,065,583.13

Total claims paid by AIICO: N23,629,267.99

Would you like to purchase this plan?

Speak to an AIICO Staff today. You may also reach us via email on aiicontact@aiicoplc.com.

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