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AIICO Insurance Organizes Children's Day Celebration for The Less Privileged

As the world celebrates Children's Day today, AIICO Insurance Plc has used the occasion to spread love, hope and inspire the less privileged children to look beyond their circumstances whilst pursuing their dreams. The underwriting firm organized an event to mark the celebration with children under the care of Vine Heritage Home in Abuja through ActionAid Nigeria. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the kids immersed themselves in various thrilling activities, from games to lively music and dance, with lots of refreshments.

Commenting on the occasion, the Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability AIICO Insurance Plc, Mrs Abimbola Shobanjo, said: "One of the fundamental principles guiding AIICO's CSR initiatives is to support the well-being and development of children, especially those who are less privileged. The initiative is an investment in the future of our society and the nation. By creating a memorable and uplifting experience, we hope to spread love, joy, and hope and give them a sense of belonging. We aim to inspire them to look beyond their present circumstances and to find the strength to pursue their dreams."

Over the years, AIICO Insurance has continued to support ActionAid in the fight against the obnoxious cultural beliefs that promote the practice of infanticide. In these local communities, it is believed that children born under certain circumstances are evil and are killed. These include twin children, albinos, children born with deformities, children whose mothers die during childbirth, etc. Vine Heritage Home provides shelter and livelihood for children rescued from the barbaric practice of infanticide in some local communities within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

"We remain committed to supporting the cause in fighting against this heinous act. We firmly believe that every child deserves a chance at life, irrespective of their circumstances of birth – they should not be robbed of their rights to exist and be part of society", Abimbola added.

Segun Olalandu,
Head, Strategic Marketing & Communications Department.
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