Three Payment Plan

AIICO Three Payment Plan or 3PP is an endownment plan that combines investment with life protection.

How it works:

  • Policy enables you to make three installment payments in a period of 15 years and provides for the payment of the actual amount in three installments.
       1st Payment at      -     25% of face amount            -   1/3 of the term of policy.

       2nd Payment at     -     25% of face amount             -    2/3 of the term of policy

       3rd Payment at Maturity date       -     50% of face

  • Provides for full payment of the face amount plus bonuses in the event of death of the policyholder during the period of insurance.
  • No deduction is made for the installments already paid.
  • Provides for annual reversionary bonus payable in addition to the face amount at maturity or earlier death.
  • Provides for cash values on the basic policy and the declared reversionary bonus, and also Automatic Premium Loan facility (APL).
  • Period of insurance ranges from 12 and 15 years.

Who purchases this cover?

Individuals wishing to make long term investments who also require life protection.

About Us

AIICO Insurance Plc., is the leading life insurer in Nigeria.

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