Every Parent’s joy is ensuring that their Children get quality education and turn out great in future. AIICO Insurance Plc offers two education policies to meet these needs:

  • Children Education Plan (CEP)
  • Education Legacy Assurance Plan (ELAP)

Children Education Plan (CEP)

It is a savings plan that is designed to provide school fees at an earmarked educational milestone in the event of death or permanent disablement of the parent/guardian.

Features of CEP

  • This policy provides for payment of annual premiums for periods ranging from 10, 11, 12 to 25 years.
  • Provides for payment of a lump sum at maturity when the child enters University or Secondary School.
  • Also provides for return of premium in the event of death of the child before the maturity plan.
  • The funds may be transfered to the benefit of another child of the policy holder.

Education Legacy Assurance Plan (ELAP)

It is a savings plan targeted towards financing the future education of a named child in the event of death or permanent disability of parent/guardian.

Features of ELAP

  • Protects children/guardians from any disruption in their education arising from death, disability, and/or loss of employment.
  • Period of policy can range from minimum of 8 -25 years.
  • Maximum age at entry of parent/ sponsor 57 and at exit 65.
  • A cash withdrawal option of up to 20% from the legacy account to assist in the child’s education, provided the policy has been in place for a minimum period of 5 years.
  • Annual Maintenance Income of 25% of sum assured payable for 5 years.

Who purchases this plan?

Parents, relatives and other guardians who wish to preserve the education of their loved ones.

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