Credit Life Policy

A loan protection plan that covers you against the unfortunate event of death during the loan repayment period.    


  • The policy covers any outstanding loan at the time of death of the borrower.
  • It is a reducing balance policy. This means that the cover reduces as the loans are repaid.
  • The duration of the policy is the same as the term of the loan.
  • The premium payable is very low when compared with other life policies.
  • The usefulness of this policy is that the beneficiaries of the deceased are saved the embarrassment of having to repay outstanding loans or forfeit the collateral.
  • Protection of the borrower’s estate and property in the event of death.
  • There is no survival benefit.

Who purchases this cover?

Borrowers who require collateral security for a loan. Also lenders and institutions requiring assurance that loan facility will be repaid.

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