Corporate Savings Plan

A unique savings plan that offers financial protection including life insurance coverage which is payable in the event of your death within the policy.

The Product:

  • Savings plus life cover arrangement.
  • Provides a return on investment.
  • Financial protection for dependents in the event of untimely death.
  • Requires no medical examination.
  • Can be effected for a minimum period of 1 year.


  • Maturity: Total amount accumulated in the policy holder’s investment account.
  • Interest: Interested credited to the policyholder is an average savings rate of 3% per annum and an increase of 0.5% per annum to a maximum of 5% per annum for policies that are on the books for more than a year.
  • Death Benefits:
  • Guarantee chosen sum assured plus Total amount  in an investment account
  • A waiting period of 3 months except for death by accident
  • Optional Withdrawal Benefit: 50% of annual contribution after 1st year
  • Made once in a year provided the account is left with a minimum balance equal to 1-year
  • Surrender Penalty:
  • 10% of account balance if withdrawal is within the first policy year.
  • 10% of accrued interest for withdrawal after the first year.


  • Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly.

  • Risk premium: Policyholder chooses the sum assured he wants and can afford. The risk premium is paid annually from N1,000.00 up to N20,000.00 to purchase a chosen sum assured ranging from N100,000.00 to a maximum of N2million.

    Risk premium = Sum assured

    N 1,000.00     -     100,000.00

    N 2,000.00     -     200,000.00

    N 3,000.00     -     300,000.00

    N 4,000.00     -     400,000.00 etc. subject to a maximum of N20,000.00 for sum assured of N2million.

  • The policyholder picks one the above-mentioned risk premium and the equivalent sum assured applies. The regular savings contribution can then be paid along.


    Contribution: N 10,000.00

    Risk premium: N 1,000.00

    First premium: N11, 000.00

    Subsequent premium: 10,000.00

    Anniversary/ Renewal premium: 11,000.00

  • Full savings premium allocated to investment account.

Who purchases this cover?

Individuals with a targeted savings plan. Also beneficial for employees eager to save through a payroll deduction.

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