Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance

Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance covers all ocean going vessels including fishing trawlers and speed boats.

This policy covers all risks of physical loss or damage to the vessel while                                                  
• sailing or navigating with or without Pilots
• while on trial trips
• while towing and/or assisting any other vessels or craft in distress (provided not under a pre-arranged contract) or customary towage of the insured vessel in connection with loading and discharging operations.

The classes available are as follows:

  • Institute Fishing Vessel Clauses
  • Institute Yacht Clauses
  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls
  • Institute Voyage Clauses – Hulls
  • Institute Time clauses Hull – Port Risks
  • Private Pleasure craft/speed boat policy

Who purchases this cover?

Corporate and Marine Business Owners.

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