Home Insurance

Home insurance is an insurance policy that protects you financially in the event that your home and property is damaged in a covered threat, or in the event of a covered lawsuit. Risks that are typically covered by a standard home insurance policy include fire, theft, storm, flood and other perils. No one plans on losing their home or possessions to any of these unforeseen dangers. Unfortunately, they happen every day.

Ask yourself this: If my home was ever destroyed in a fire, for example, how would I pay to rebuild my home? That's where AIICO Home insurance policy comes in.

How it works:

What it covers:
We've got you covered against claims made relating to the following issues:
• Death
• Bodily Injury
• Fire
• Burglary & Theft
• Environmental damage (rain, lightning and wind)

Why do you need the policy?
• Provides rebuilding cost in the event of damage to your building as owner or tenant.
• Provides replacement cost for loss or damage of personal belongings e.g. clothings, electronics and other contents.
• It also covers Personal Liability and Personal Accident as stated in the document.

Who purchases this cover:

Corporate and every individuals with properties  and investments.

Speak to an AIICO Staff or Agent today. You may also reach us via our website; www.aiicoplc.com. Contact us on aiicontact@aiicoplc.com.

About Us

AIICO Insurance Plc., is the leading life insurer in Nigeria.

Founded in 1963, AIICO provides life and health insurance, general insurance, investment management and pension management services as a means to create and protect wealth for individuals, families and corporate customers.