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A career at AIICO Insurance Plc. affords a truly unique experience which offers more than just the opportunity to work for a strong, stable and value- rich company. A career at AIICO is an opportunity to be part of a company with a strong legacy, a dynamic structure, a futuristic outlook and a company that continuously impacts the society in many positive ways.

AIICO affords its employees an unparalleled foundation on which to build their careers, creating the opportunity of being part of a bright, interesting and experienced team working together to chart new paths in the insurance sector. We offer not only an opportunity to build your career and realize your potentials but the rare chance to make a difference in the lives of our diverse clientele and the society at large.

AIICO: Strong And Stable

When your responsibility is creating and protecting wealth for a diverse clientele like ours is, you can never stop looking for the best and the brightest experienced professionals to work in your organisation. Having been in existence since 1963, we have through our people, weathered changing market demands and trends by consistently creating new and dynamic ways of doing business.

Today, we remain on track as we navigate our way to the future and our desire is to make this journey of growth with our most formidable assets, our people, by our side.

Talent Management

Over the years, talented people have been attracted to us because of our compelling and strong brand. On our own part, we have made it our culture to grow and nurture these talents by providing employment offerings that transcend reward and recognition.

Learning and Development

Our culture of continuous learning is unrivaled within our industry. We ensure that our learning interventions are tailored not only to meet the needs and aspirations of our employees and our business but also to improve our employees' employability. Our approach to learning and development is blended, and this is with a view to making learning more accessible to all our employees across various platforms.

To achieve our desired level of competency across the organisation, we leverage heavily on technology via e-learning and virtual and non-virtual libraries, our subsisting Knowledge Management Framework and of course, our AIICO Academy.

Reward and Recognition

Since our journey focuses on leveraging on our employees' performance and strengths to become not just a growth company but a truly sustainable growth company, we make it a point to recognize and reward excellent performance so that our people can be inspired and motivated to contribute more and be the best that they can be.