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Do you have exciting plans for your retirement? It may be years away or just around the corner, in either case, how you will spend your retirement depends on how well you plan.

An Annuity Plan from AIICO Insurance can help protect you against the possibility of outliving your financial resources in retirement. In addition, the policy provides a lump sum benefit in the event of the policyholder’s death.


Benefits include:

  • A guaranteed regular income after retirement
  • Flexible annuity plans ranging from immediate annuity plans to deferred annuity plans
  • Surrender values for deferred annuities after one year
  • A spousal annuity option of 75% of the original annuity after the death of the annuitant
  • Tax relief on contributions payable in order to reduce tax liability
  • You can choose your earning at retirement and fund it.
  • A multiple of 5 times of your earning as death benefit.

The types of annuity are:

Deferred Annuity:

This plan encourages self-discipline by saving for the rainy day. You can determine your earning at retirement and fund it effectively. There is a death benefit of a multiple of 5 times annual earnings when he becomes an annuitant.

Immediate Annuity:

This can be taken if you have a bulk sum and want to receive your earnings immediately. This forestalls the risk of frivolous spending and secures a source of income when one is weak until death.  

Immediate annuity includes option for spouse, where your spouse continues to enjoy 75% of annuity benefit after the annuitant’s demise.

Also available is the multiple of 5 annual annuity as death benefit payable to the beneficiary or estate of the annuitant at death.


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