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Travelling is always an exciting activity but with the fun and excitement comes the responsibility to make your journey safe.

Your desire to travel without worries is what we yearn to achieve. AIICO Travel Insurance ensures that your journey remains worry free and you enjoy it to the fullest.

AIICO Insurance Travel policy in partnership with Chartis South Africa is the best coverage you can get! The AIICO Travel Insurance Plan ensures that you can have worry free trips by providing cover against any of the following mishaps:

  • Repatriation of mortal remains (corpse)
  • Sudden Illness

Travel insurance policy is a mandatory requirement at all Schengen (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Iceland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Czech republic, Austria, Switzerland and Poland) embassies.

AIICO Travel is recognized and accepted at all Schengen embassies.

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